COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 Update

Bestow Schools/ELC, WHACK Kidz After-School Enrichment and iBestow “COVID 2020-21 School Year Plan”


We pray that you and your families are safe. We are all adjusting to the “New Normal.” The following is information on our plan to resume in-person classes. As you are aware, we initially made the decision to suspend “in-person” school operations based on our assessment of health care professionals’ recommendations, your safety and the safety of the students and their families. Since then, the state and local governing health entities in our area continue to caution schools against restarting “in-person” teaching and activities, especially in circumstances where distancing students and strict cleaning protocols are difficult to implement. Your child’s safety and the safety of staff and your families remain our paramount concern. As such, the following are our plans for the first part of this school year:

  1. OSR – Remote K4 – First Nine Weeks
    Until further notice, as of this date and subject to change based on the fluid COVID crisis, we will only offer a “virtual” class option to OSR K-4 students.
  2. OSR, Private Pre-K and/or ELC – In-Person – Re-Evaluate After First Nine Weeks
    Our goal is to resume “in-person” school as soon and as safely possible. We will reconsider “in-person” learning after the first nine weeks of school.
  3. iBestow Virtual Learning Program & School (a great option for Private Pre-K, ELC, etc.) – Virtual link coming soon
    Students in our private pre-school program and students in the OSR program (as after school enrichment only for OSR students), may enroll in our newly launched iBestow Virtual Learning program and school. This program will be taught remotely; will include instruction in a foreign language; and will offer activities and projects that emphasize and introduce students to innovation and entrepreneurship. This curriculum is designed to improve literacy; prepare students to learn and function in a global society and instill in them a passion for math and science. Info coming soon on our site for the new iBestow learning experience.

General Guidelines

The following are guidelines for “in-person” learning:

  • Limited access – only students, staff, and essential visitors (i.e. DHR, JCHD, etc.) permitted inside the facility; students, staff, and essential visitors (i.e. DHR, JCHD, etc.) will be signed in outside of the front door.
  • All students, staff and essential visitors (i.e. DHR, JCHD, etc.) MUST wash their hands upon entering the building, either in our washrooms or with their personal hand sanitizer.
  • Reduced number of students per classroom.
  • Request that students, staff, and essential visitors (i.e. DHR, JCHD, etc.) maintain social distancing. Touching, hugging and close contact will be prohibited and strictly enforced.
  • Request that all students, staff, and essential visitors (i.e. DHR, JCHD, etc.) not touch displays. To the extent, possible inside room doors will remain open to avoid surface contact
  • Masks & gloves will be required for staff and masks will be required for all students. Parents will be required to file a waiver and if their child has a medical condition prohibiting wearing a mask then the parent should bring a doctor’s letter stating the same
  • Cleaning the facility, washrooms & entry doors as needed and consistent with the guidelines cited herein.
  • All persons entering the school may be required to have their temperature taken. Any student, staff, visitor, etc. whose temperature exceeds that identified in the guidelines herein shall be prohibited from entering and/or sent home.
  • All persons entering school will be required to sign a waiver and statement confirm they have not engaged in high-risk conduct or had an interaction that might pose a high risk of spreading COVID and as outlined in the guidelines below.

Please feel free to review guidelines on the following sites and that served as guides for our reopening plan. We reserve the right to update, change, add to or reduce any of these practices consistent with the below guidelines as they are updated and without notice.


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